DJI Expands Osmo with Range of New DJI Osmo Accessories

Following the release of GoPro's all new Karma Drone with a handheld stabilizer that was released on Monday, DJI has announced the release of a bundle of new DJI Osmo accessories. GoPro's Karma Grip is quite similar to the DJI Osmo but with the release of a handful of new accessories, DJI looks to stay ahead of the competition with its wide range of mounting accessories for the Osmo.

DJI Osmo PRO/RAW Z-Axis (Part 57) - Price $179

DJI Osmo PRO/RAW Z-AxisThe first of these accessories is the new Osmo PRO/RAW Z-Axis which is the same mechanism we have seen for the regular Osmo but this version now allows for Z-Axis stabilization on both the Osmo PRO and RAW stabilizers. The Osmo Z-Axis significantly reduces any vertical shaking or the bounce when walking or running with your DJI Osmo. This shaking from natural arm and leg movements when walking or jogging is reduced by the spring-loaded, shock absorbing mechanism which provides ultimate stabilization with a Steadycam-like feel. The new Z-Axis is only compatible with the DJI Zenmuse X5 and X5 Raw. For Z-Axis stabilization for your X3 or regular Osmo camera you would need the regular Z-Axis that was released a couple of months ago. The Z-Axis was designed for stabilization when walking or running and is not to be used for action sports. The Z-Axis is not compatible when using mounting options such as the Osmo Tripod, Extension Rod or Bike Mount. The price of the new Osmo PRO/RAW Z-Axis is $179

DJI Osmo Chest Strap Mount (Part 79) - Price $59

Attach your DJI Osmo to your chest with the all new DJI Osmo Chest Strap Mount. This Chest Mount enables users to go hands-free by mounting their Osmo or Osmo+ to a chest strap DJI Osmo Chest Strap Mountthat comfortable fits around your shoulder and chest. Just as you could mount a GoPro to your chest, you can now mount your Osmo for first person view stabilized video footage. This mount will work great for skating, biking, walking, or doing any other low-impact action sports. The Chest Strap is a hook and loop velcro setup and is fully adjustable. Fully compatible with both the original Osmo and Osmo+ Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer. The price of the new Osmo Chest Strap Mount is $59.

DJI Osmo Sticky Mount (Part 88) - Price $45

DJI Osmo Sticky MountThe third of the new DJI Osmo Accessories released today by DJI which allows you to mount your Osmo on a helmet is the DJI Osmo Sticky Mount. This accessory allows for hands-free use of the Osmo as well while enabling you to capture a unique first person view from wherever you choose to mount your Osmo. The Osmo Gimbal Remote Extension which is explained next is required to power and communicate with your Osmo when it is mounted. Fully compatible and suitable for use with the DJI Osmo and Osmo+ Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers. The price of the new Osmo Sticky Mount is $45 and includes a total of 4 3M Adhesive Sticky Mounts and the necessary mounting plates and adapters.

DJI Osmo Gimbal Remote Extension (Part 89) - Price $49

The final accessory of the new DJI Osmo Accessories expansion by DJI to their range of mounting and accessory solutions is DJI Osmo Gimbal Remote Extensionthe all new DJI Osmo Gimbal Remote Extension. As mentioned above, this Remote Extension is used in conjunction with the Sticky Mount when you choose to mount your Osmo rather than using it on the handheld grip. This accessory conveniently enables Osmo users to mount or use their Osmo separately from the handle, creating many new filming opportunities with your DJI Osmo. Fully compatible and suitable for use with the DJI Osmo and Osmo+ Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers. The price of the new Osmo Gimbal Remote Extension is $49. All of these new DJI Osmo Accessories and mounts for the DJI Osmo are now available here at Advexure. We expect first shipments of these new accessories to arrive to our warehouses within the next 1-2 weeks. We look forward to serving you as the largest DJI dealer in Los Angeles and DJI's top dealer in the Midwest

Other New Osmo Accessories

Osmo Quad Charger System (Part 58) - Price $25

Allows Osmo users to charge up to 4 batteries at one time. Charging multiple batteries at once reduces the need for multiple chargers and greatly simplifies the charging process when you are using multiple batteries in your production.

Osmo High Capacity Intelligent Battery (Part 55) - Price $42

The new High Capacity Intelligent Battery for the DJI Osmo increases your filming time being a 1225mAh battery. Higher capacities allows for longer shoot times per battery cycle and the need for less batteries when on a full day shoot.

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