DJI Spark Accessories

Get all of the necessary accessories for your DJI Spark, including extra batteries, propellers, cases, backpacks, etc.

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  • DJI Spark Intelligent Flight Battery

    The Spark Intelligent Flight Battery has a capacity of 1480 mAh and a voltage of 11.4 V. It enables 16 minutes of flight on a single charge. Spark uses a...
  • DJI Spark Quick-Release Folding Propellers

    Powerful propulsion with a foldable, easy to mount, and durable design.  
  • PolarPro Spark Filter 3-Pack (Polarizer, ND8, ND16)

    Filters engineered specifically for the DJI Spark camera Includes a fixed Polarizer, ND8 filter and ND16 filter Filters are crafted with PolarPro’s HD glass for razor sharp clarity Aircraft aluminum...
  • DJI Spark Battery Charging Hub

    Spark's Battery Charging Hub is designed to charge up to three Intelligent Flight Batteries in sequence or simultaneously. It optimizes charging based on their power levels and cell voltage. The...
  • DJI Spark Portable Charging Station

    The Spark Portable Charging Station is designed to wirelessly charge up to three Spark Intelligent Flight Batteries on the go. Safe and intelligent with an impressive total power of 5000...
  • DJI Spark Propeller Guards

    Specially made for Spark's propellers. The propeller guards help reduce the risk of damage or injury. They are small, lightweight, easy to mount, and detach.
  • GPC Spark Fly More Hard Case

    The highly anticipated jewel from DJI is here. The Spark comes with a sweet little foam container that will have a short life and minimal storage space. We have created...
  • DJI CrystalSky 5.5" High Brightness Monitor

    The DJI CrystalSky 5.5" High Brightness Monitor provides drones operators a crystal clear, bright display, created for outdoor aerial imaging. The CrystalSky monitor features an ultra-bright screen that is clearly...
  • PolarPro DJI CrystalSky Mount for Mavic / Spark Remote Mount

    An all in-one mounting solution for DJI Spark and Mavic remote controllers, PolarPro’s DJI CrystalSky Remote Mount enables you to use DJI’s powerful CrystalSky monitor with your DJI Mavic or...
  • Hoodman Drone Landing Pad (3 Ft)

    The Hoodman Landing Pad for Spark, Mavic and Phantom drone units is a 3ft diameter drone launch pad that is designed for pilots who operate in rugged environments. Built with a 3.2lb...
  • PolarPro DJI Spark Gimbal Lock / Lens Cover

    Locks down and protects the Spark's camera/gimbal during storage Constructed out of a durable glass filled nylon with protective rubber coating Pressure fit design is secure and easy to install/remove PolarPro...
  • DJI Spark/Mavic Pro Shoulder Bag

    This multi-functional Spark/Mavic Pro Shoulder Bag is designed to hold either drone with accessories. The bag can fit a Spark or Mavic Pro, remote controller, two batteries, one charger, and...
  • DJI Goggles Micro USB OTG Cable

    Used together with DJI Goggles' USB cable to transmit video feedback and control data between Spark remote controller and the DJI Goggles.
  • DJI Spark Portable Charging Station Bag

    The Spark Portable Charging Station Bag is small and easy to carry, weighing only 645 g. It fits a charging station, remote controller, aircraft, and two Intelligent Flight Batteries,* making...
  • DJI CrystalSky Mavic Pro/Spark Remote Controller Mounting Bracket

    This bracket can be used to mount a CrystalSky monitor to a  Mavic or Spark remote controller.
  • DJI Spark Remote Controller DJI Spark Remote Controller

    DJI Spark Remote Controller

    Spark's remote controller features a brand new Wi-Fi signal transmission system, capable of controlling the aircraft * and gimbal camera at a maximum transmission range of 1.2 mi (2 km)....
  • Hoodman Drone Landing Pad (2 Ft)

    The Hoodman Landing Pad for Spark and Mavic drone units is a 2ft diameter drone launch and landing pad that is designed for pilots who operate in rugged environments. Built with a...
  • DJI Goggles DJI Goggles

    DJI Goggles

    The all new DJI Goggles are here, immerse yourself in first person view flying and see the world differently. The launch of DJI Goggles is bound to bring a whole...
  • DJI Care Refresh for Spark - Service Plan (1 Year)

    DJI Care Refresh for the Spark provides comprehensive accidental protection with up to two replacement units for a small additional charge in one year. The coverage plan covers accidents such as...
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