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Thank you for your interest in becoming a DJI Dealer and a part of the rapidly growing drone market. DJI's fast-paced innovation has positioned the company as the world's largest manufacturer of consumer, professional and commercial/enterprise drones. With over 70% of the global market share, DJI products dominate the industry and since their inception have become the go-to for drone consumers around the world along with professional and commercial drone pilots. Since DJI's early days, Advexure has been a primary DJI Authorized Distributor for North America, supplying both online and brick and mortar dealers and resellers across the continent.

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DJI Authorized Distributor

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As DJI continues to grow, DJI's network of distributors, dealers, resellers has shrunk due to tightening requirements, termination, and consolidation of small to mid-size accounts around the globe. This has left qualifying DJI dealers well positioned by the scarcity and exclusivity associated with being an Authorized DJI Dealer. Apply today to become a DJI dealer with Advexure and benefit from our large stock of DJI inventory, high volume, tremendous product availability, excellent wholesale margins, as well as insignificant monthly minimums for qualified dealerships.


In an effort to maintain a strong network of channel partners consisting of committed, qualified, experienced and service-oriented dealers and resellers, DJI and Advexure have implemented a set of dealership requirements for all dealership applicants. These requirements include but are not limited to the following: minimum opening order, sustained monthly account volume/purchases, industry and DJI product experience, business and resale permits, fully functional website showcasing products, services and support offered, business and marketing plan (only for DJI Enterprise Dealer applicants), strict adherence to all manufacturer policies and Advexure dealership agreement.

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If I apply to become a DJI dealer what are the chances I get approved?

We are always delighted to expand our dealership network, however both Advexure and DJI are very selective in accepting new partners for the sales channel. We would advise that you ensure you provide as much information as possible to address and meet our requirements set forth.

  • We accept dealership applications for both brick and mortar dealers as well as online dealers. We prefer our dealers to have a brick and mortar location, although this is not required, having a brick and mortar location will greatly increase your chances of approval.
  • Applicants that have a brick and mortar location will need to provide pictures of the interior and exterior of your storefront.
  • Dealers that sell or intend to sell solely online will be required to provide us with all domains where you will be advertising product. We do not accept dealers that exclusively sell on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.
  • Online only dealerships are required to have a fully functional online web store that has the ability to complete orders online through a secure payment gateway.
  • All dealers are required to have a business and/or retail license, or the equivalent thereof.
  • Our dealers are made up of all different sizes and industries. You do not need to be a photo or video equipment retail store to carry DJI product. Drones have applications in a variety of industries. Some of our current dealers serve industries that include law enforcement, agriculture, search and rescue, surveillance, film, and the camping and outdoors industries.


Does Advexure distribute other product lines besides DJI?

Yes, not only do we carry all of DJI's products; DJI Consumer, DJI Professional, DJI Enterprise, but we also carry dozens of associated drone, professional film and other related drone and imaging products that are available at wholesale pricing for qualifying accounts. Please contact our distribution division for our latest line card.

Do you offer drop-shipping of DJI products?

Yes, drop-shipping services are available to qualifying accounts. Drop-shipping allows a reseller or dealer to simply sell products and support customers without having to maintain a warehouse and inventory.

Where do you ship from?

Most product ships from Advexure's corporate headquarters and warehouse locations in Los Angeles, CA. There are some items and product lines that ship from our 3PL partners across the US.

Is DJI owned by Apple?

No. Media covered this rumor in 2017 that Apple had plans to purchase DJI. DJI is very closely held and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China with factories throughout the world.


Are there purchasing minimums I must maintain?

Yes, in an effort to maintain a network of strong, committed and service-oriented partners, we have set minimum purchasing requirements per month. Accounts that do not meet our minimum requirements are at risk of termination.

What is the difference between a dealer and a reseller?

The main difference between a dealer and a reseller is the lack of warehousing. Dealers stock and hold inventory for direct sale and fulfillment of products while a reseller typically does not hold inventory. Resellers typically operate on drop-ship models where the distributor fulfills orders for the reseller and ships them directly to the reseller's customers.

How do I become a DJI Enterprise dealer as opposed to just a DJI dealer?

Typically most new dealers will start in consumer and prosumer products and eventually explore opportunities in commercial and enterprise products and solutions. Due to the fact that selling consumer products to consumers is very different from selling high-end commercial products to large business enterprises, there is a much more involved application and vetting process for accounts looking to work with DJI Enterprise products.

Do you distribute outside of North America?

No. The majority of our distribution agreements with our manufacturers are strictly restricted to North America. Please contact a distributor in your region if you are outside of North America or do not maintain a valid business and resale license within North America.

DJI and Advexure have the right to approve or deny any dealer/reseller application for any or no reason as well as the right to cease supplying any product, service, or other materials to any party for any or no reason.