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Introducing the Dragonfish

Fly longer with the ultra-powerful, long-endurance Dragonfish. With 120 minutes of flight time, 18.6 miles of transmission range, and 4k imaging, you'll be able to get the job done faster and easier than ever before.

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120 minute endurance

Fly faster for longer

The Dragonfish's unique tilt rotor design simplifies operation and maximizes performance and efficiency. With no complicated moving parts, the dragonfish is modular, waterproof, smart and reliable. The Dragonfish is mission ready right out of the box and includes powerful AI tracking capabilities and a multitude of modular payload options. An endurance of 120 mins (including payload) further augments the Dragonfish's robust mission capabilities and pushes it significantly ahead against other VTOL competition.

120 minute


3 minute

quick assembly

1204k 20x

stablizied optical zoom


infrared detection range

18.6 mile (30km)

max video transmission range

5 second

system boot and self check

Use cases


The Dragonfish's powerful platform and modular payload options gives it the flexibility to excel in a wide range of applications

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Streamline your tasks

Intelligence & autonomy

The Dragonfish comes with a variety of automated functions to streamline and simplify mission tasks. Advanced algorithms add an additional of layer of consistency and simplicity for the user workflow.

  • One button landing/takeoff
  • AI high speed tracking
  • Point of interest
  • Adaptive tracking
  • Advanced mission planning

The breakdown

Safety & redundancy

For any situation

Interchangeable payload system

4K Dual Sensor

4K 20x stablizied Optical Zoom 48 MP Wide Angle / 3-Axis Gimbal

Triple Senor

4K 20x stablizied Optical Zoom / 48 MP Wide Angle 640x512 Radiometric Thermal / 3-Axis gimbal


1 RGB Wide Angle (48 MP) / multispectral sensors (2MP)

Third Party Payloads

Autel's Payload SDK (PSDK) allows third party users to develop unique payload solutions quickly and efficiently for different mission scenarios and applications.


Professional software solutions

Autel Voyager

Autel Voyager is specifically designed for the dragonfish for industry specific applications. The software provides advanced mission planning, intelligent tracking, flight history tracking, and other autonomous features. Simple to use yet incredibly powerful, Autel Voyager is the one stop solution for every mission.

9.7"1000NIT ultra-bright Ground Control Station

The high resolution (2048*1536), 9.7 inches, ultra-bright (1000 nits) TFT-LCD touchscreen ensures maximum visibility and practicality in all situations.

Autel Ground Control Station is water, dust, and water resistant. Autel Robotics' new antenna design allows the video transmission to reach up to 18.6 miles (30km)

The Autel Robotics ground station controller has a battery life of up to 4.5 hours and can be operated indefinitely with a remote power source

Bring it with you

Compact and portable

The Dragonfish can be easily disassembled by a one man team and will fit in the back of typical car trunks. The entire system can be assembled without tools and is ready to fly in less than 5 minutes.

The Dragonfish's fuselage is highly modular for easy packing and repair

The entire system self-checks in 5 seconds upon startup and is ready to fly immediately after

Tool-Free Quick Release Propellers

Let's get into specifics

Technical specifications

120 min endurance

(with standard payload)

18.6 Miles (30KM)

Video Transmission

67 mph (108km/h)

Max Speed


Rating System

17.2lb (7.8)

Takeoff Weight

Level 6

Wind Resistance

-4~131°F (-20~55°C)

Operating Temperature

14763ft (4500m)

Highest Transition Altitude


Max Payload

19685 ft (6000m)

Service Ceiling

5 minutes

Assembled and ready to fly

1 cm +1 ppm

Positioning Accuracy