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The DJI Matrice 200 quadcopter is an economical single-gimbal drone for industrial and first-responder applications. It is powerful, maneuverable and adaptable to a broad range of uses. It ships only with a built-in First Person View camera that’s used strictly for navigation.

Since the Matrice 200 is shipped without a recording camera, you can equip your drone with a camera that best suits your needs. And since compatible gimbal-mounted cameras are removable, you can get more than one camera, if that’s what your industry requires. Shoot with one camera — perhaps a thermal-imaging camera. Then remove it, mount a high-definition video/still camera, and shoot with that. Switch back when you want.

Choose the camera that works best for firefighting, law enforcement, security, precision agriculture, engineering, construction site mapping, or utilities or infrastructure inspections. Options include cameras that shoot thermal images, a camera with an action-freezing leaf shutter, a camera with a powerful zoom lens, and a camera that accepts interchangeable lenses, two of them zoom lenses.

The M200 boasts IP43 resistance to solid objects and moisture — you can use it in light rain — and is sized to remain stable in brisk crosswinds. Its foldable body, plus removable batteries, propellers and landing gear, mean that it stores and transports easily in the included case.

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