DJI Spark Mini Drone

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DJI's most compact aerial mini drone, allowing you to capture life's most incredible moments on the go.
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Meet the all new DJI Spark, a mini drone that allows you capture all of life’s most incredible moments as one of the smallest and most powerful drones on the market. Enjoy up to 16 minutes of flight time and up to 1.2 miles of transmission distance while capturing whatever your next adventure may be. The DJI Spark camera is mounted on 2-axis stabilized gimbal for ultra smooth video up to 1080p HD and crystal clear 12MP photos. The DJI Spark packs many of DJI’s revolutionary flight technologies in a drone that can go just about anywhere. With a top speed of 31 mph in the Spark’s sport mode, you will never miss that jaw dropping high speed moment during your next adventure. Buy DJI Spark Mini Drone at Advexure today.

DJI Spark Features

  • Small and compact body, the size and weight of a soda can.
  • 1080P video and 12MP photos
  • Flight time of approximately 16 minutes
  • Top speed of about 31 mph (50 kph)
  • Two axis stabilized gimbal for ultra smooth video
  • Maximum transmission range/distance of about 1.2 miles (2 km)


DJI Spark Intelligent Flight Modes

QuickShot – This flight mode consists of different types of shots that achieve an aerial video in a particular manner as depicted by each type of shot. Different shots included Rocket, Dronie, Circle, and Helix.
TapFly – Introduced on the Mavic, TapFly enables Spark pilots to simply tap the screen for where you want your Spark to fly and capture video and the Spark will proceed on a flight course in line with your tap on the screen. This mode relies on the intelligent features of the Spark, including vision positioniong and obstacle avoidance to ensure a safe flight to your tapped location.
ActiveTrack – This is one of our favorite flight modes, simply draw a box around an object that you want your Spark to follow and track. You know longer need to be an absolute pro with your remote controller, simply rely on the Spark to follow your subject and keep up with their speed and direction changes while keeping the subject perfectly centered in the shot.
Gesture – The Spark has introduced drone flying without a remote controller, isn’t that something? Gesture Mode allows you to simply provide hand waves or motions to control your Spark. Take the ultimate dronie simply by waving your arms or making a frame with your fingers. PalmControl allows SparkPilots to take off and land from their palm, as well as move the Spark around simply showing their palm to the Spark.

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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in

Alpine White, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lava Red, Sunrise Yellow

DJI Spark Specs

Full List of DJI Spark Specs - Aircraft, Spark Camera, Spark Remote Controller, Spark Battery, Spark Charger

What’s Included with the DJI Spark?

The standard DJI Spark Kit includes everything shown below:

What's Included with DJI Spark?


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