Advexure proudly serves drone users, production companies and commercial drone pilots from New York, with the NY metro area being one of our largest concentrations of professional drone pilots and filmmakers using DJI product. Browse our entire selection from DJI and Buy DJI Drones in New York . Your go-to, knowledgeable team of drone experts, FAST and FREE SHIPPING!




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New York: Buy DJI from an Authorized Dealer

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Stop by the DJI Customer Experience Showroom in NYC at 1666 Broadway New York, NY 10019 and see DJI product on display.

New York Drone Pilots Love Advexure

The airspace in and around New York is some of the hardest and most complex airspace in the US to fly a drone or UAS. Over the years we have greatly enjoyed working with drone pilots in New York to not only get the equipment they need and aircraft support, but also to advise and consult on the airspace, COAs (Certificate of Waivers) and provide insight from previous location scouting for aerial productions.

Best Places to Fly DJI Drones in New York

Flying DJI drones in New York can be tough, but luckily there are a few good places to fly. With a population of 8.538 million, be mindful of others and respect the highly congested airspace of NYC. First off, it’s good to understand where and how NOT to fly in New York. The FAA restricts drones over the Statue of Liberty . Many drone pilots, DJI fans, and tech enthusiasts have seen the different drone videos from YouTuber Casey Neistat. Casey shoots a lot of his drone work for DJI in New York City. In 2017 Casey received heat for his risky drone shots around crowded NYC airspace. Feel free to read more about Casey Neistat’s FAA Drone Investigations .

Forest Park in Queens, NY – This park as a designated model aircraft field which provides drone and RC pilots trouble free area to fly drones capture the NYC skyline in the distance.

Corona Park in Flushing Meadows, NY – First off this park is just off of the approach path to Runway 31 at La Guardia but is far enough out that you have some altitude to work with but are limited. NFZs (No Fly Zones) are geofenced by DJI in New York around airports and other areas where drone flight is prohibited.

Staten Island, NY – Two great parks in Staten are Great Kills Park and Latourette Park. They’re quite a drive from Manhatten but do have nice views along the water.

We recommend taking some time to read up on New York Drone Regulations so that you can avoid a Casey Neistat investigation by the FAA.

New York: DJI Enterprise, Commercial & Industrial Drones

Advexure’s enterprise division recently wrapped up a few large drone programs for commercial drone users in New York which consisted of partnerships with the New York City Transit Authority as well as New Jersey Transit. The primary commercial drones in New York that we’ve been using for integration on large scale enterprise drone fleets include the DJI Matrice 200 series, Matrice 600 as well as the Inspire 1 running the Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera. As one of the nation’s largest DJI Enterprise Dealers we greatly enjoy bringing our enterprise and commercial drone expertise to New York.

Whether you live in New York or are traveling to New York, our team here at Advexure hopes you enjoy the Big Apple and be safe and smart with your drones in NYC. We are here to help with all of your DJI needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (424) 317-4450 and you can shop all of DJI drones 24/7 at Advexure.com. We look forward to serving you soon! Safe flying!

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