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The global market for drone services and drone data is increasing exponentially. Drones are being widely used across dozens of industries and market sectors. Below are the primary industries where Advexure specialists are most commonly integrating UAS programs.


Dramatically improved situation awareness combined with targeted response for first responders on the ground.

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Inspection of assets by drone is quickly becoming standard industry protocol for critical infrastructure.

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Create virtual surveys and models, present progress reports, or simply take visual images of hard to reach places.

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Autonomous gathering of aerial data has streamlined processes for public works, transportation and planning.

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Risking human life at tremendous heights and unknown conditions in no more, thanks to unmanned inspections.


Crop scouting is no longer a tedious tasks for farmers. Drones allow farmers to cover larger areas in less time.


From executive protection to perimeter overwatch, thermal equipped drones provide greater piece of mind.


The ability to calculate volumetrics of stockpiles has changed mining with drastic cost savings from aerial data.


Drones have given a new prospective to filmmaking with creative aerial film capture via much safer means.

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Drone packages

We have a wide variety of enterprise drone solutions to help you and your team accomplish your jobs quicker and easier. View the drone packages below or give us a call and get a specialized quote for your needs.

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Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

Dual imaging, reimagined.

Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

With faster flight time, onboard thermal imaging, and 32x digital zoom, the M2EA provides crucial information when you need it most.

  • 640 × 512 px Thermal Camera
  • 32× Digital Zoom
  • 10 km HD Transmission
  • 48MP Visual Camera

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Matrice 300 RTK

Built tough. Works smart.

Matrice 300 RTK Matrice 300 RTK

The Matrice 300 RTK offers up to 55 minutes of flight time, advanced AI capabilities, 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning and more, setting a whole new standard for the commercial drone industry by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivaled reliability.

  • Up to 55 Minute Flight Time
  • 15km Max Transmission Range
  • Multiple Cameras
  • Higher Payload Compatibility

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Evo II

The world’s first foldable 8k drone.

Autel Evo II Autel Evo II

Autel EVO II 8k records in resolutions up to 7680x4320. With 16 times more pixels compared to HD and 4 times as many pixels compared to 4k, 8k video redefine image detail.

  • World's Only 8K Folding Drone
  • 40 Minute Flight Time
  • 640 x 512 Thermal Sensor
  • 4x Optical Zoom

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Whether you're looking to start a UAS program for your company, organization, agency or department, the Advexure team is here to assist you in standing up or scaling your program.