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DJI Dock 2

Easy Operation, Superior Results

DJI Dock 2 redefines remote operations with significant advancements, featuring a 68% lighter and 75% smaller design for easy transportability, rapid setup, faster charging times, and robust IP55 weather resistance. Equipped with dual RTK antennas and internal and external cameras for precise positioning and environmental awareness, Dock 2 facilitates quick, safe, automated missions. Combined with the all-new Matrice 3D series drones (M3D & M3TD), Dock 2 delivers unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

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Built for Remote Operations

DJI Dock 2 Features & Capabilities

Lightweight & Easy to Deploy

75 lbs (34kg) 0.34mĀ²

IP55 Ingress Protection

Dock 2: IP55

M3D & M3TD: IP54

10km Max Effective

Operating Radius



FlyTo Tasks

Dock 2 features an all-new cradled landing platform

Integrated Environmental

Monitoring System

Private Deployment

Lower Cost of Deployment and Maintenance

Third-Party Payload Support

Lower Cost of Deployment and Maintenance

Sometimes Less is More

Smaller Form, Better Performance

DJI Dock DJI Dock 2


31.4" x 34.8" x 42"

22.4" x 23" x 18.3"


231 lbs.

75 lbs.

Max Operating Range

4.3 mi.

6.2 mi.

Max Flight Time

40 min.

50 min.

Return to Center

Pulling System

Sliding System

Charging System


Wireless Charge

A Whole New Class of Aircraft

DJI matrice 3d series drones

DJI Matrice 3D

Wide-angle Camera

  • 4/3 CMOS
  • Equivalent focal length 24 mm; 20MP
  • Mechanical shutter

Telephoto Camera

  • 1/2-inch CMOS
  • Equivalent focal length 161 mm
  • 12MP

DJI Matrice 3TD

Wide-angle Camera

  • 1/1.32 inch CMOS
  • Equivalent focal length 24 mm
  • 48MP

Telephoto Camera

  • 1/2-inch CMOS
  • Equivalent focal length 161 mm
  • 12MP

Thermal Camera

  • Equivalent focal length 40 mm
  • Normal mode: 640 x 512@30fps
  • Super-resolution mode: 1280 x 1024@30fps
  • 28x digital zoom

So much more than a drone in a box

Industry Use Cases for DJI Dock 2

From drone as a first responder and search and rescue to critical infrastructure and utilities inspections, DJI Dock 2 serves a wide set of industries and use cases. Unlock new possibilities and efficiency in your remote operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DJI Dock 2 FAQ

What are the major updates of DJI Dock 2 compared to Dock 1?

  • Smaller footprint and lighter weight: 34kg; 0.34m^2 Covered area; easier to transport and
  • Improved coverage and efficiency: 50min max. flight time and 10 km max. operation range.
  • Surveying capability: M3D integrates a 20MP surveying camera (same as M3E camera) that
    opens up new opportunities in construction site management, mining, etc.
  • More cost-effective: lower hardware cost and deployment/maintenance service cost.

Which aircraft are compatible with Dock 2?

  • DJI Matrice 3D
  • DJI Matrice 3TD

What software/SDK/API does DJI Dock 2 support?

  • DJI Dock 2 works with DJI FlightHub 2. Similar to Dock 1, Dock 2 also supports Cloud API that can allow third-party developers to build cloud platforms to operate/manage Dock 2.
  • The M3D/M3TD aircraft is equipped with an E-Port that can allow third-party payloads to be mounted
    on the aircraft.

What's the minimum interval between two deployments of Dock 2?

The minimum interval between two flights is 32 min (aircraft battery is charged from 20% to 90%)

Does Dock 2 support real-time terrain follow, smart oblique and EV adjustment, focus, ISO, etc.?

Smart oblique is supported. Other functions are not supported at the moment.

Are accessories for M3E compatible with the M3D series?

Only the DJI RC Pro Enterprise remote controller is cross-compatible between the two platforms.

Does the DJI M3D series support manual flight with RC Pro?

Yes, but due to limited functions, it's only recommended to use RC Pro to complete configuration and link to the M3D series as a controller-B.

Does the M3D series support mobile time-lapse, smart follow, and time-lapse photography?

No, they do not.

What use cases & application scenarios are Dock 2 suitable for?

Dock 2 is well suited for use cases in public safety like drone as a first responder (DFR), security patrols, and search and rescue. In utilities, Dock 2 is well-optimized for powerline & substation inspections and wind turbine and solar panel inspections. Dock 2 can also be utilized for agriculture as well as construction and surveying.

What are the costs of a Dock 2 Package?

Pricing for Dock 2 packages with Matrice 3D starts at $14,000 and Matrice 3TD at $16,000 (this includes the Dock, aircraft, DJI RC Pro Enterprise, Matrice . Please note that Dock 2, Matrie 3D series aircraft, as well as accessories such as batteries, propellers, and flight controllers, are all sold separately. Ā