The Autel EVO II is Autel's latest drone platform which is the only 8K folding drone on the planet. Featuring a whopping 40 minutes of maximum flight time, the EVO II comes in three different models. The EVO II model carries an 8K standard imaging camera with a 4x optical zoom, built for professionals, the EVO II Pro carries a 1-inch sensor with 6K resolution, and the EVO II Dual boasts a 640x512 thermal sensor and an 8K standard imaging sensor.

40 Minute Flight Time | 5.5 Mile Operating Range | Models: EVO II, Pro and Dual

ALL EVO II MODELS NOW IN STOCK: EVO II (8K) and EVO II Pro (6K) Rugged Bundles, EVO II (8K) and EVO II Pro (6K) Standard Kits, EVO II Dual

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Does the Autel EVO II have a mechanical or global shutter?

The EVO II has an electronic rolling shutter.

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What are the different models of the EVO II?

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