The E400 ISR

Fixed-Wing VTOL Drone

The E400 ISR is a fixed wing VTOL drone built for security, surveillance and search and rescue. First responders such as police, firefighters, sheriffs, national guard units and border patrol agencies can use the long flight time and range of the E400 to rapidly reach a target and to stay with it for an extended period.

Designed and Built in Ohio, USA

Endurance of up to
2.5 Hours
Box to Flight in
4 Min.
Telemetry of
3-10 mi.
Zoom up to
Durable frame of

E400 ISR Demo Flight

Durable & lightweight

Military-Grade Drone Technology for Easier Operation

In 2019, Event 38 started working with the Air Force’s Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO) and the US Air Force Air National Guard to experiment with building a ruggedized and easier to use version of our fixed wing drones for first responders. We redesigned the airframe in carbon fiber, incorporated a rugged ground control station, and a high zoom EO/IR visible/thermal payload.


Durable, Lightweight Carbon Fiber Body

A good drone needs to hold up against a rugged service environment. That’s why we made the E400 out of carbon fiber composite. It’s much more durable than foam and stiffer than fiberglass, so it can fly just fine no matter where you go. The E400 can take off from a back road, land in a rainforest clearing, and ride in the back of a truck without sustaining damage.


Proudly Made in the United States

Every E400 is assembled at Event38's headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. The parts are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the same place which gives them total control over the mechanical and electrical systems. The E400 is compliant with NDAA Section 848 and Executive Order 13981.


E400 ISR Features

Rugged Ground Control Station

The tablet based ground control station is lightweight and portable. It includes everything needed to plan and fly missions. Using the joysticks or the map based point and click interface, you can control the aircraft’s flight path and point the payload simultaneously, and leverage autonomy to take the workload off the operator.


Swappable Payload Bay

The payload bay is easily removable and interchangeable with other E400 payloads. This makes it easy to have one aircraft perform multiple types of missions including mapping and surveillance. Perform routine patrols then be ready to respond quickly to a natural disaster by mapping damage in the critical hours afterwards.


NextVision NightHawk2-V

• Zoom: 20x optical and 2x digital
• Active Image Stabilization
• Object Tracking, Point Hold
• 2.4GHz, License-Free Bands
• 256-bit AES Encryption

Microhard Radio

• 2.4GHz, License-Free Bands
• 256-bit AES Encryption

Technical Specifications


2.5 Hours

Cruise Speed

36 mph (16m/s)

Dash Speed

49 mph (22m/s)

Airframe Construction

Carbon Fiber Composite

One-Way Flight Range

90 miles (144km)

Telemetry Range

3 - 10 miles (4.8 - 16km)

Flying Weight

20lbs (9kg)

Setup Time

4 minutes

Packed Dimensions


Wind Resistance

Up to 18mph (8m/s)

Weather Rating

Designed to IP53
5-110°F (-15-43°C)