DJI Mavic Pro - Is It The Best Drone You Can Buy in 2016?
It's been a few weeks since the new Mavic Pro Drone from DJI was released and this drone has been all the buzz! You are maybe reading this article because you are wondering what makes the Mavic Pro such a special drone and why drone experts are saying that the Mavic Pro is now the best drone you can buy in 2016. The DJI Mavic Pro Drone is the first "prosumer" or professional consumer drone on the market that boasts such a small and compact footprint, making the Mavic Pro the ultimate drone for traveling. While its form factor may be small, the DJI Mavic does not lose any of the advanced features that make previous models such as the Phantom 4 one of the most popular drones. DJI has once again revolutionized the drone industry by releasing yet another, powerful and easy-to-use drone available at a price point that doesn't put a hole in your pocket. Drone pilots have been asking for a more portable drone for years and the Mavic finally achieves ultimate portability. The Mavic Pro features a foldable structure that allows for its arms and props to be folded into a very compact form factor, allowing on-the-go drone enthusiasts to take the Mavic Pro wherever they go.

Why is the DJI Mavic Pro the Best Drone You Can Buy in 2016?

In another article we will go more in-depth into all of the DJI Mavic Pro features, these are just a few of the features that make the Mavic Pro the best drone you can buy in 2016.
  • Foldable design

    with folding arms and props for ultimate portability
  • Flight times of up to 27 minutes

    keep you in the air far longer than standard drones of this size
  • Obstacle avoidance

    allows for an extra sense of control in challenging flight environments
  • Smallest-ever stabilized camera

    for smooth aerial video
  • Capable of shooting 4K

    Video and 12MP stills
  • Compact and powerful remote control

    for enhanced range of up to 4.3 mile
    DJI drones have been the gold standard in drones since DJI's inception and the Mavic further highlights DJI's innovation in RC aerial camera drone technology. Frank Wang, CEO and Founder of DJI says “Mavic Pro is a technological triumph filled with features that once again show how DJI leads the industry. Most importantly, Mavic Pro allows you to reach the skies easily, see the world with new eyes and tell your stories like never before.” In just one month, the DJI Mavic Pro has quickly become the most popular DJI drone release of all time, making the Mavic Drone the most popular drone while being on the market for just a few weeks.

    DJI Mavic Pro vs. GoPro Karma Drone

    Simply said, there is no other drone on the market that is a direct comparable to the DJI Mavic Pro. A few weeks ago we saw GoPro release their Karma Drone which was quickly shadowed by DJI's release of the Mavic. Top Drone on the Market - DJI Mavic ProGoPro's first generation drone may capture the eyes of avid GoPro users but GoPro has failed to incorporate standard features such as Obstacle Avoidance or "Follow-Me" features for visual tracking with the drone. Not only has GoPro left out features that make DJI drones most attractive, but they have only been able to integrate a battery for 18 minutes of flight time, far behind that of the DJI Phantom 4 at 28 minutes and now the DJI Mavic Pro at 27 minutes. While the Karma is a decent drone for a first generation release from a camera maker, GoPro has released a drone with less-than-industry-standard features at a price far exceeding the value of its drone competitors' offerings.

    When will the DJI Mavic Pro be In Stock at Advexure?

    Now that you know that the DJI Mavic Pro is the best drone that you can buy in 2016, you want to know how soon you can get one! When the DJI Mavic Pro was launched by DJI on its release date of September 27th, DJI estimated that the Mavic Pro would begin shipping around October 15th. Unfortunately there will be a worldwide delay of about 1-2 weeks on the shipment of all Mavic Pro units. As one of the largest Tier One Authorized DJI Dealers in North America, Advexure will receive some of the first shipments of the all new Mavic Pro. Pilots and members of the drone forum name Advexure, "The Best Place to Order a DJI Mavic Pro". Pre-orders for the Mavic Pro can be placed here on the Advexure website. Please visit the Mavic Pro Drone listings for the most up-to-date information on estimated ship dates for the Mavic. Links to those listings are shown below in the next section. Please note that estimated ship dates for pre-orders are subject to change if production delays at the DJI Factory arise. No estimates are guaranteed, however, all pre-orders at Advexure can be cancelled and fully refunded any time prior to fulfillment.

    What are the DJI Mavic Pro Drone Options that Advexure Offers?

    DJI Mavic Pro - $999

    What is included with the DJI Mavic Pro? This kits includes the Mavic Pro Drone, Remote Controller, 1 Battery, 3 Pairs of Propellers, 1 Gimbal Clamp, 1 Battery Charger, 1 16GB Micro SD Card and Assorted Mavic Cables.

    DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo - $1,299

    What is included with the DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo? This combo bundle kit includes the Mavic Pro Drone, Remote Controller, 2 Extra Batteries + 1 Battery in the drone for a total of 3 batteries altogether, 3 Pairs of Propellers, 1 Battery Charging Hub, 1 Car Charger, 1 Battery to Power Bank Adaptor, 1 Mavic Shoulder Bag, 1 Gimbal Clamp, 1 Battery Charger, 1 16GB Micro SD Card and Assorted Mavic Cables.

    What Accessories are Available for the DJI Mavic Pro?

    Just as Advexure will be one of the first dealers to have the Mavic Pro in stock, we will also have hundreds of Mavic Pro accessories in stock shortly after the Mavic begins shipping. Accessories that will soon be in stock at Advexure include the following; DJI Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery, DJI Mavic Shoulder Bag, Spare Quick-Release Folding Propellers, Battery Charging Hub, and the Mavic Battery to Power Bank Adapter. Please see the list below for pricing and links to each of these accessories: Buy DJI Mavic Accessories and Parts - In Stock at Advexure

    DJI Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery (Part 25) - $89

    DJI Mavic Shoulder Bag (Part 30) - $79

    DJI Mavic Car Charger for Intelligent Flight Battery (Part 6) - $49

    DJI Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery Charging Hub (Part 7) - $39

    DJI Mavic Battery to Power Bank Adaptor (Part 2) - $19

    Questions About What Makes the DJI Mavic Pro the Best Drone You Can Buy in 2016?

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