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The Most Comprehensive Drone Management and Collaboration Platform on the Market

Public safety, government, and critical infrastructure organizations around the world rely on DroneSense for comprehensive situational awareness.

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DroneSense Use cases

Comprehensive Situational Awareness Built by a Team Who Has Been in Your Shoes

Law Enforcement

Whether you’re with a local, state or federal law enforcement agency, we can help you successfully use drones to aid with crimes-in-progress, accident and crime scene reconstruction, SWAT operations, large event overwatch, and so much more.

Fire and Rescue

The use of drones in fire services has become invaluable. We help agencies of all sizes incorporate drones to aid with pre-fire planning, hot spot detection, managing a live scene, post-fire mapping, search and rescue operations, and more.

Emergency Management

Whether you want to expand your capabilities over a large area, or help victims alongside (or in advance of) rescue personnel, we can help you coordinate your drone teams to effectively respond to a variety of different emergency scenarios.

From Routine Calls to Disaster Response

DroneSense Tactical Operations

Whether you’ve already started your drone program or are trying to get it off the ground, choosing the right platform is critical. You need a partner who has been in the trenches and understands that business doesn’t happen between 9-5. That’s why we’re proud to say that we’ve not only built the most comprehensive drone management and collaboration platform on the market, but we’ll be there whenever you need us.

Passion for Public Safety

Purpose-built with your specific needs in mind, DroneSense delivers a seamless drone program experience no matter which agency you are proud to be a part of.

Hardware Agnostic

DroneSense supports a wide variety of drones, tablets, and sensors to provide you the ultimate mission flexibility. Plus, we're always adding new integrations.

Better Together

Your drone program doesn't happen in a silo, which is why DroneSense provides the ability for you to collaborate with other agencies via secure links and QR codes.

From 1 to 100+

No matter how many drones you have today, DroneSense Tac Ops can support your program and help you scale into the future.

Get Everyone in on the Action with Magic Video Link

With Magic Video Link, you can securely generate a link via email or text that gives cooperating agencies and designated individuals or teams instant access to all streamed video during the mission, while eliminating sensitive details, such as map telemetry, pilot, or other drone information.

This ensures that command staff, key stakeholders, and field teams have the most accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips without putting your data at risk.

Experience the Power of Mobile Streaming & Tracking Technology (MSAT)

Imagine turning every cell phone or tablet into part of your command center action, capturing live-stream video and GPS locations from the boots on the ground.

Now imagine adding robots, manned aviation, or just about anything with a camera to help capture information and guide decisions. That’s the power of MSAT.

Take Mapping to the Next Level with Advanced Geospatial Features

Making sure everyone is on the same page with a clear map is vital during missions. That’s why DroneSense TacOps comes equipped with map management tools to help you navigate situations from the routine to the extraordinary. From map caching and data layers, to offline sharing, you're covered.

Revolutionize your Response

DroneSense Remote Operations

Many agencies are taking their drone programs to the next level by implementing Drone as First Responder (DFR) initiatives, revolutionizing public safety and attracting the next generation of first responders.

Improved Response Times

Agencies implementing Drone as First Responder (DFR) programs report an average response time of two minutes, giving first responders a significant advantage to quickly evaluate an incident and provide the optimal response.

Safer Outcomes

Drones deployed to an incident give remote operators and stakeholders an "eye in the sky," helping them assess and identify potentially dangerous situations. This vital information helps affect positive outcomes for first responders and their communities.

Transparency Through Data

When it comes to improving community relations, automated record keeping of flight logs can easily be turned into reports or dashboards made available to the public. This transparency underscores the value of drone programs and helps mitigate concerns from citizens about potential surveillance activities.

Fully Customizable

Create unique site profiles for different locations and scenarios, plus easily edit your profiles as conditions change. Just a few of the settings you can customize include:

  • Commence recording on takeoff
  • Adjust for elevated launch sites
  • Create geofencing on a map for restricted areas and safe RTH
  • Set minimum and maximum altitudes and set default gimbal angles
  • Set battery threshold levels
  • Identify emergency landing sites

Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC)

The RPIC manages the handoff to the Remote Operator (RO) in every DFR operation. Whether the launch site is atop a roof, outside of a fire station, or in any other location, the RPIC has a direct connection to the drone through a standard controller and has the authority to resume control to ensure mission safety and success.

Calls for Service

Drone as First Responder (DFR) programs fully integrate drones into first responder operations. DroneSense Remote adds purpose-built Call for Service (CFS) functionality to seamlessly add drones to your workflows and document their usage.

  • Easily initiate a CFS while in flight
  • Supports multiple CFS per flight
  • All CFS data recorded in flight logs per flight

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