Zenmuse Z3 - DJI’s First Integrated Drone Zoom Camera
DJI's First Aerial Zoom Camera DJI, the hands down market leader in aerial photography and drones, has launched its first 4K Zoom Aerial Camera for Long-Range Industrial UAV Drone usesDJI Zenmuse Z3 Zoom Camera. Its built-in optical 7x Zoom can shoot video and capture images at a stunning 12-megapixels clarity. The earlier cameras to the drone market had to be moved or flown closer to the subject or object to zoom in. But the Zenmuse Z3 camera has changed all possibilities and pushed drone camera technology to extremes, allowing better possibilities, making it a life-saving asset. This camera is best suited used for assisting in search operations, helping firefighters, emergency workers, investigators in situations that may be dangerous or in places that are impossible to explore by humans. DJI is on track to boost its ambitions in flying and stabilized camera systems by redefining motion and camera placement. Their innovations inspire the world to ask for more and tickle the creativity in them, constantly pushing them to go beyond all possibilities and design dynamically advanced and technologically sophisticated drones. Flying platforms and unmanned aerial vehicles armed with the all new Zenmuse Z3 drone camera will find more use in archaeology, land-use planning, as well as artistic projects where aerial photography with zoom capabilities will enable better images and panoramas by stitching several photographs. The DJI Zenmuse Z3 Zoom Camera can also be very useful for industrial purposes like inspection and surveying as well as search-and-rescue operations, however, with differing focal lengths, it opens a wider scope and newer possibilities for many other professionals, like filmmakers.

DJI Zenmuze Z3 Pricing & Availablilty

As one of DJI's Premiere Authorized US Dealers, Advexure will receive the first shipments of the all new DJI Zenmuse Z3 Zoom Camera. These excellent features of the all new DJI Zenmuse Z3 Aerial Camera are available at an affordable price tag of $899 in the United States. We expect first shipments to arrive to our warehouses within the next 3-5 days. We look forward to serving you as the largest DJI dealer in Los Angeles.

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Key features and specifications of the DJI Zenmuse Z3 Zoom Camera:

  • DJI Zenmuse Z3 Zoom Camera offers 2x digital zoom and the remaining by 3.5x of optical zoom that makes for sharp, detailed images with an operative focal range stretching between 22 mm to as good as 77 mm. Its maximum wide angle aperture while on 22 millimeters range is F2.8 and at the telephoto end of 77 millimeters is F5.2.
  • The aerial camera weighs 262-grams and can easily capture interesting visual effects and images on Sony’s 12 Megapixel tiny 1/2.3-inch sensors.
  • Professionals can now practice zooming-in while flying and shooting videos. Zenmuse Z3 featuring the advanced Sony 1/2.3-inch camera, CMOS sensor shoots videos at 30 FPS in 4k resolution with the help of Adobe’s latest DNG Raw technology for maximizing editing possibilities in post-production.First aerial camera and gimbal setup with integrated zoom.
  • Drone photographers will be able to optimize professional crystal clear still photographs by magnifying even the smallest movements when the camera zooms in. Professionals can easily fine tune magnified shots, Z3’s yaw control with the help of a customized reaction wheel.
  • The technologically advanced innovation for your aerial camera drone is fully compatible with DJI's Matrice 600, Inspire 1 and Matrice 100. This will allow professionals to use the drones with other compatible DJI products allowing them to explore more with various options and features.
  • This UAV drone camera will now add more to eyes than one can possibly think of. It can provide High-Definition (HD) video transmission of distances equivalent to 5.0 kilometers (3.1 miles) by using DJI’s dedicated HD video downlinkLightbridge’ and Lightbridge 2, seamlessly.
  • DJI’s Zenmuse Z3 Zoom Camera offers a more unified user experience with its fully integrated DJI GO App and the upgraded 360 degree rotating, 3-axis gimbal technology. All the features are integrated together with live video feed along with the capability to modify camera settings that can be easily adjusted to zoom in or to zoom out. It captures photos and stable video footage with the ability to activate smart flight modes in any flight condition with the gimbal system.
  • The Zenmuse Z3 Aerial Drone Camera allows the users to engage its camera controls through the drone's remote controller while capturing video and photographs with easy zoom functionality.
  • Zenmuse Z3, DJI’s first aerial zoom camera, has a 19-minute flight time on the Inspire 1, increased by 30 minutes with the Matrice 100, when equipped with the dual-battery, and 39 minutes with the Matrice 600 Hexacopter. Moreover, the increased flight time allows you to capture a perfect shot with the right light to compose the best of the images. This will significantly increase the efficiency of industrial and commercial projects.
  • Professionals may find a minor quibble; the USB slot is 2.0 wherein one may expect it to be a 3.0 for speedy transfers. Nevertheless, the camera can hold up to a 64 GB Micro SD Card, definitely a good feature which most vloggers would cheer about. Some professionals may find it a little bit slow, but this slow operation allows for improved features in forthcoming DJI cameras.
  • DJI’s new aerial camera, the Zenmuse Z3, can improve aircraft efficiency and maximize aircraft set-up that can be augmented by means of the DJI SDK to form industry specific automation protocols.
  DJI is still the biggest player in the flying and camera stabilization systems market, with a wide range of products that cater to professionals and other regular consumers. The features of the DJI Zenmuse Z3 Zoom Camera will become the standard for future drone-mounted cameras coming in the near future. However, one can be rest assured that DJI will excel its own standards in the forthcoming series, once again posing challenges to its competitors.