X-Naut iPad Cooling System - Prevent iPad Overheating with DJI GO
Introducing X-Naut, the proven iPad cooling system for drone pilots everywhere. As a precisely molded, fully-ventilated case with custom-made, built-in computerized cooling fans, the X-Naut is the ultimate solution in cooling redundancy for your iPad devices for conditions when you demand device reliability. Many commercial and industrial users are all too familiar with the overheating iPad issue – which makes this innovation practically a god-send for a wide array of users still relying (however unrightfully) on their iPad to deliver even in the toughest of conditions. Originally created for the full-scale aviation industry, X-Naut was developed so that single-engine airplane and helicopter pilots could keep their iPad’s EFB system (Electronic Flight Bag) containing their flight-sensitive telemetry and weather-related data accessible while withstanding excessive heat build-up in the cockpit. When using processing-intensive programs like ForeFlight, pilots would consistently encounter issues with overheating iPads. Today, the professional drone industry warmly welcomes X-Naut to commercial operation. Most all professional pilots running DJI systems with DJI GO and DJI GO4 are fully aware of iPad over-heating issues when operating in warmer environments.
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iPad Cooling System frontal view

Prevent iPad Overheating

    As the drone industry has increasingly encroached on the world of large display tablets and external devices – overheating has also become an issue for drone pilots both in the professional and commercial/industrial industries when faced with high ambient temperatures. The DJI Go 4 app sucks a lot of processing power from tablets – pushing internal temperatures high from excess energy leaving the tablet in the form of heat. Although, with X-Naut, the custom molded, vented casing and built-in cooling fans funnel direct airflow strategically over the rear of the iPad. This allows X-Naut to continuously mitigate and even counteract excess heat build up over critical areas of the iPad, keeping internal temperatures low and retaining device performance when it’s most critical. With 8 AA batteries installed, X-Naut is capable of keeping iPad cool for up to 15 continuous hours, giving professionals an uninterrupted flight session without the worries of device failure.

    X-Naut Features

    • Powerful Fan-Based Cooling

      – The X-Naut for iPad Air/Pro model comes with 4 fully integrated, unassumingly quiet high-RPM fans that are powered by 8 AA batteries – making the X-Naut the ideal wireless, unobtrusive cooling solution for drone pilots everywhere. It's designed to keep iPad cool while sustaining direct sunlight heat, effectively combating unforeseen shutdowns or freezing due to internal overheating. With an operating battery life of up to 10 hours, the X-Naut is sure to keep pace with all your flight endeavors.
    • Sustain Peak Processing Performance

      – Built to defend and deter against unexpected heat build up, the X-Naut iPad Cooling System is designed specifically to prolong and optimize computing performance for your iPad devices. Even when using powerful, processing-heavy applications and programs like ForeFlight, Wingx Pro, DJI Pilot, or DJI Go 4, the X-Naut reduces internal operating temperature to prevent your iPad from dimming, deliberately closing its applications or other failsafe cooling measures – essentially allowing your iPad to sustain clock speed and computing performance.
    • Dependable Build Quality

      – Constructed with conformal-coated circuitry to resist inevitable moisture and dust build up during field use, the X-Naut is built to be used in suboptimal conditions. The battery housing is solid and secure, and also designed with a battery-level indicator light to consistently monitor overall battery life and status.
    X–Naut being used with a P4P controller

    X-Naut Product Video

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