DJI Battery Station – Ultimate Inspire 2 Accessory for Professional Users
The ultimate accessory for Inspire 2, Ronin 2 and Matrice 200 owners is here – we are excited to announce the release of the DJI Battery Station. The long-awaited Battery Station serves to reduce the worries of battery management for professional users in the field. The station allows users to keep their systems in service by having a turnkey, self-contained charging solution.
DJI Battery Station - Charging for Inspire 2


Take a look inside the DJI Battery Station containing DC and USB ports in the upper left, 4 pairs of charging slots in the center, and storage spaces on the right.

Compatibility: TB50 Batteries for Inspire 2, Ronin 2 and Matrice 200

Product Highlights

  • Stores up to 12 TB50 Flight Batteries, 2 CrystalSky/Cendence Batteries and 1 CrystalSky/Cendence Charging Hub.
  • Charges up to 8 TB50 Flight Batteries at a time along with 2 DC ports for charging Remote Controllers or CrystalSky/Cendence Batteries using the Charging Hub.
  • Four charging modes (Normal, Quick, Silent, Discharge) allow for flexible power management solutions.
  • Easily update all of your batteries when firmware updates are available by simply plugging your Battery Station into the DJI Assistant 2 program.
  • Weighs 17 pounds (not loaded with batteries) with dimensions of 19.1 x 8.9 x 8.7 inches.
  • Built-in LCD Screen shows charging status

Pricing & Availability

The DJI Battery Station priced at $1,199, is now available for pre-order here at Advexure, one of DJI’s top tier select Authorized Dealers. Early pre-orders are estimated to begin shipping inQ1/Q2 of 2018. All pre-orders received fulfillment priority and are processed for shipment in the order in which they have been received.

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Charging Modes

DJI Battery Station charging modes
  • Normal Mode

    : Charge eight TB50 Batteries simultaneously until all batteries have received a complete charge.
  • Quick Mode

    : Charge four TB50 Batteries with the highest battery levels of those in the charging pod. Batteries will be brought to 90%. This mode is best for the most urgent use cases on set.
  • Silent Mode

    : This mode maintains a low noise emmittance by reducing the the charging speed and subsequently quieting the Battery Station’s cooling fans. This mode is best for night charging or on quiet sets.
  • Discharge Mode

    : This mode allows users to bring their TB50 Batteries to 25% charge for safe transportation or 50% charge for storage. To maintain battery endurance and runtimes, it is best to use this feature to ensure the longest life of your batteries.

TB50 Battery Discharging

Maintain the longevity of your Inspire 2, Ronin 2, or Matrice 200 TB50 Batteries by using the smart discharging mode of the DJI Battery Station. There are two discharge modes, one for transportation and one for storage.

  • Transportation Discharge Mode

    : Allows users to discharge batteries to 25%, which is a safe battery level for battery transportation.
  • Storage Discharge Mode

    : On this mode, batteries are set to 50% for longer term storage.
DJI Battery Station - Charging for Inspire 2



DJI Battery Station – Comprehensive charging for industry professionals

DJI Battery Station FAQ

What can the Battery Station store?

12 TB50 Batteries (for Inspire 2/Ronin 2 or Matrice 200)

2 CrystalSky/Cendence Batteries (WB37)

1 CrystalSky/Cendence Battery Charging Hub (WCH2)

What can the Battery Station charge?

Simultaneously charge up to 8 TB50 Batteries and with two DC charging ports you can also charge the Inspire 2 Remote Controller, your CrystalSky/Cendence Batteries (using the WCH2 Charging Hub), as well as Mobile Devices through two USB ports.

Our Review of the DJI Battery Station


  • Self-contained setup makes for easy run and gun use
  • Quick charge mode for the most time sensitive battery needs
  • Fits within carry-on luggage requirements
  • Easy firmware battery firmware updates by connecting the station to DJI Assistant 2


  • All charging must be done with a power supply, no power storage for off the grid charging
  • Fast charging mode only applies to two pairs of batteries
  • Charging for only four sets of batteries while six sets of batteries can be housed
  • Case must be open for charging
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