Advexure Awarded 4-Year Contract with Sourcewell

Advexure is streamlining procurement for public safety, government agencies, and non-profits through its newly awarded contract with Sourcewell.

[Irvine, CA, June 8, 2023] — Advexure, a 10-year veteran in the unmanned industry, has been awarded a 4-year cooperative purchasing contract in the Unmanned Vehicle Systems category at Sourcewell.

Over the last ten years, Advexure has established itself as a leading dealer, distributor, and solutions provider to the unmanned technology industry. Through it all, they've committed to providing the best possible personalized drone-buying experience.

Working closely with public safety agencies, public utilities, educational and research institutions, and other government entities, Advexure has recognized that the bidding and purchasing process for government procurement can be lengthy and inconvenient for their customers. Sourcewell streamlines this process for purchasing agents and provides easy access to experienced and knowledgeable subject matter experts, is compliant with legal requirements, and in many cases, offers discounted equipment from high-value manufacturers.

“We are proud to partner with Sourcewell to provide our customers with an easy, compliant, and cost-effective way to purchase drone technology that is saving lives and making work safer and more efficient. Our partner agencies depend on this technology, and through our Sourcewell award, agencies now have the ability to choose Advexure as their solutions provider; minimizing the time it takes from purchase requisition to first deployment” said Travis Waibel, President & CEO of Advexure.

Like 600+ other suppliers and vendors across multiple verticals, Advexure underwent a rigorous request for proposal process and was awarded their Sourcewell contract having met, or exceeded, local procurement requirements.

Based on the volume of purchases from past contract awards by Sourcewell, the number of agencies expected to utilize this procurement method may reach thousands.

Early indications are that public agencies are excited about using Sourcewell to simplify and accelerate the process with Advexure. One public safety aviation unit program manager in Texas commented, “The Sourcewell contract is a game changer” during their recent procurement process of UAS for their program.

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About Sourcewell
Sourcewell is a self-sustaining government organization offering a cooperative purchasing program with hundreds of competitively solicited contracts to government, education, and nonprofit entities throughout North America. By utilizing Sourcewell contracts, participating agencies save time and money by capturing the buying power of more than 50,000+ organizations including substantially all counties in the United States.