Autel Robotics EVO II Version 2 Announcement

JUNE 4, 2021 – Statement from Advexure regarding Autel Robotics EVO II Version 2 and Compatibility Announcement

As with many in the Autel Robotics and drone community, Advexure was disappointed to hear Autel Robotics’ announcement today (Announcement Here: Autel Robotics EVO II V2 Product Announcement) regarding a development that will create a Version 1 and Version 2 of the Autel EVO II series which will result in incompatibility between versions of Autel’s new Smart Controller, its Live Deck video receiving and output product, and EVO II platforms. While this is a very new development, Advexure is working in close coordination with the Autel Robotics team to address our customer concerns, provide transparency, and remedy the understood frustration that this development may cause.

Below please find frequently asked questions regarding this development, and as we receive additional information we will continue to keep Advexure’s Autel EVO II product owners and the community up to date through our standard communication channels.

Why is a second version of the EVO II series being released?

Due to the continued global supply chain shortage of chip sets, Autel Robotics is having to create a second version of the EVO II with a new chip. Version 2 aircraft which will not work with Version 1 controllers and vice versa due to the different chip sets between the two versions.

What does this mean for current EVO II owners of Version 1 drones, Live Deck and Autel Smart Controllers?

Current owners of EVO II aircrafts, Live Deck and Smart Controllers (when available) will need to ensure they are using components with the “Version 1 ecosystem”. For example, if you have an EVO II Pro (Version 1) you will only be able to use the Autel Smart Controller Version 1, Autel Standard Controller Version 1, and Autel Live Deck Version 1.

What about availability of the Autel Smart Controller Version 1 for EVO II Version 1 owners?

Autel has announced that only a limited number of Version 1 Smart Controllers will be manufactured. Those Smart Controllers will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

What if I pre-ordered the Autel Smart Controller Version 1?

We understand that hundreds of Advexure customers have placed pre-orders for the Autel Smart Controller Version 1 and are anxious to receive their Smart Controllers. Advexure is anxious to deliver the Autel Smart Controller in your hands as we understand the impact that a strong ground control station has on UAS operations to operate safely, efficiently, and effectively. Those who have secured pre-orders, Advexure and Autel Robotics will begin fulfilling those pre-orders soon in the order in which they have been received.

Can I cancel my pre-order for the Autel Smart Controller Version 1?

Absolutely. Advexure pre-orders can be cancelled at any time. To cancel an existing pre-order, please email the Advexure Support Team at If any deposit or payment was made, a full refund will be issued. Please be advised that once a pre-order has been cancelled, that pre-order slot can no longer be retrieved at a later date. As mentioned above, there will only be a limited number of version 1 Autel Smart Controllers which will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis.

Will the EVO II Version 2 be any different operationally or performance wise than the EVO II Version 1?

Autel Robotics has stated that the new Version 2 will provide increased transmission stability. Aside from that information, we do not have any further information at this time.

How soon will the EVO II Version 2 Drones, Smart Controllers and Live Deck be available?

Advexure does not yet have a firm timeline, but Autel Robotics has stated “in the upcoming months”.


We understand Advexure customers and the community will have additional questions, concerns and frustrations that they would like addressed. Please understand that the Autel Robotics and Advexure will be doing everything in our control to address those questions as swiftly as possible. Please email either the Advexure Support Team ( or Autel Robotics Support ( with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and continued support of Advexure and Autel Robotics. Our teams are working with you and for you to remedy this situation and enhance the user experience.

With empathy and thanks,
The Advexure Team