Everything You Need to Know About Autel EVO II Thermal Enterprise Drones

Have you been trying to establish the differences between the Autel EVO II 640T and the Autel EVO II 640R

The EVO II family of drones keeps growing as rapidly as the U.S. drone industry. And, this growth has come with its share of positive outcomes. 

One significant outcome is the massive competition within the drone ecosystem that has led drone manufacturers to "diversify their portfolio." And, in turn, this has influenced the development of various off-the-rack UAV options jam-packed with impressive tech.

In this article, we break down the Autel EVO II thermal enterprise drones, and what they have to offer you as a drone pilot.


EVO II Enterprise Bundles: Thermal Models


In the U.S., the EVO II Enterprise drone lineup is sold in three types of bundles:

  • The EVO II 640T Enterprise bundle,
  • the EVO II 640R (Dual R) Enterprise bundle, and
  • the EVO II Pro (6K) Enterprise bundle.

The 640T and 640R enterprise models, which were released in 2021, both have thermal camera options. So, besides the thermal cameras, what other accessories are in the bundles?

More on that in the next section.


Evo II 640R Vs. 640T: What’s in the Standard Kit?


The Autel EVO II thermal enterprise bundles include the following items:

  • Three batteries
  • A smart controller
  • A charger
  • A smart controller charger and its charging cable
  • A battery charging hub
  • A 12v car charger
  • Modular accessories- speaker, spotlight, and strobe
  • A chest strap
  • An attachment port cover
  • An extra pair of propellers
  • A hard rugged case

The bundles also include handy items, such as a strobe and a spotlight to facilitate night-time operations, and a speaker to facilitate communication. 

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the next section, we discuss several other features that may benefit your aerial operations.


Evo II 640R Vs. 640T: Features


Here is a brief rundown of the identical features of these airframes:


1. Compact design


The 640T and 640R models are portable.

Thus, they easily fold into a hard case for easier transportation across inspection sites. Its size also significantly contributes to our next point, which touches on the deployability of these thermal models.


2. Minimal setup time


Ideally, you can rapidly unfold these thermal enterprise drones and get the smart controller powered on in as little as one minute. Since the setup time is favorable, how long do you see yourself taking to get your UAV flight ready?


3. Impressive battery life and transmission range


The less time it takes to deploy your drone, the more battery you get to conserve and expend on the flight time. Under stellar conditions, the flight can last for 42 minutes, which is impressive for its compact size.

The transmission range extends up to 8 miles (13km), enabling a seamless flight experience while flying under a magnetic field of interference, especially during cell tower inspections.


4. Obstacle avoidance capabilities


EVO II thermal enterprise UAVs have 12 strategically placed sensors to facilitate 360° obstacle avoidance.


5. Thermal imaging capabilities


These models have radiometric sensors that will enable you and your team to access temperature readings in every pixel of an image.

The 640T model has an InfiRay (640x512) radiometric thermal sensor, whereas the Dual 640R model has a FLIR Boson 640x512 radiometric thermal sensor.


6. High-quality visual camera with zooming capabilities


The thermal drones feature a high-resolution 48MP RGB camera that can shoot videos and stills in 8K.

Its zooming range is as follows:

  • Digital zoom- 8x
  • Lossless zoom- 4x


7. Decent flight speeds and wind resistance capabilities


The 640T and 640R can fly with speeds of upto 45 miles per hour in normal conditions and stay within the range of 39 to 46 miles per hour in windy conditions.


8. AI tracking capabilities


Ample speeds coupled with obstacle avoidance enhance its AI tracking abilities.


9. Autonomous flight capabilities


They have intelligent flight modes for a more seamless navigation experience.

They include Dynamic Track, Viewpoint, Tripod Track, Smart Orbit, and many more. These flight modes enable you to set flight paths and facilitate predictive tracking.


autel evo II smart controller


10. Smart controller


Autel’s 2000-nit smart controller has an ample 7.9 inches display that provides an enterprise pilot with a live feed for situational awareness, mainly when the drone is not within the visual line of sight.


11. Specialized modular accessories


These thermal drones allow an additional RTK module that will enable you to achieve centimeter-level precision in your aerial operations.

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12. ADS-B receiver 


ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast receiver.

It’s a vital technology that surveils your airspace and warns you of incoming aircraft to avoid collisions.

Besides having different sensors, what are the other differences between these two thermal drones?

We cover that in the next section.


What’s the Difference Between the 640T and 640R?


The main difference revolves around its radiometric sensors but from a different angle. The angle in question is their country of origin. 

The 640T’s InfiRay is Chinese manufactured, whereas FLIR Boson, the sensor used on the 640R, is American made. Thus, the latter is compatible with FLIR tools that enhance productivity and efficiency during your aerial missions.

As expected, there’s a slight price disparity between the two. The 640T bundle is priced at $9,200, and the 640R is a bit costlier, with its bundle priced at $12,300

These thermal drones offer value for your money as their extensive features allow their professional application in several fields. 


Use Cases


Autel’s EVO II thermal enterprise drones work for various use cases.

For starters, they come in handy during emergency operations, making them convenient for use by first responders during:

  • Crime monitoring 
  • SWAT operations
  • Road accident reconstructions
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Forest or residential fire surveillance
  • No-flight restrictions


These thermal drones may also benefit you if you’re an engineer who indulges in:

  • 3D modeling and mapping
  • Power line or cell tower inspection


You may opt to use surveying software such as SkyeBrowse or Pix4D to enhance the quality of your photogrammetry work, but remember that you and your UAS team must be FAA compliant.


Should You Invest in Autel EVO II Thermal Enterprise Drones?


If your jurisdiction lies within controlled airspace, then Autel’s EVO II thermal Enterprise drones would be perfect for you. 

The 640T and 640R models effortlessly combine quality cameras, flight data safety (AES-256 encryption), and convenience (from size). 

Based on their pricing models, you may want to go for the 640T if your main aim is to save some money. However, if you’re looking to optimize your workflow, then the 640R is your best bet.

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