DJI Mini 2

Mini UAVs are the epitome of convenience in terms of usability and affordability.

Are you on a tight budget and are seeking one that may help you maximize productivity in your workplace? Or do you have cold feet in matters investing in the powerful pricey drones?

If so, DJI's Mavic Mini 2 might interest you. The Mini 2 is an excellent drone to help you get your feet wet in your desired aerial operations before going all-in with a big drone investment.

Temptations to judge the Mini 2 by its size are a pretty common occurrence, but it surprisingly has the potential to benefit your aerial operations more than you might think.

More on that in subsequent sections.


DJI Mini 2


DJI's Mavic Mini 2 Features


The Mini 2 was unveiled in November 2020, just about a year after the Mini 1.

Essentially, what the Mavic Mini lacked in design and capabilities gets catered for in the updated version - Mini 2. So what are some of the features that make the mini UAV stand out? 

Some of the key features include:


1. A compact and lightweight design


The Mini 2’s name tells it all regarding its size. 

It’s foldable, of lightweight material, and, by default, requires zero set-up time. How time-efficient, right? You can conveniently move the pocket-sized UAV from one inspection site to another.


2. An improved flight time


The Mini 2 boasts a 31-minute flight time, which is quite impressive for such a mini quadcopter.


3. A reliable transmission system


Its integration of OcuSync 2.0 technology drastically improves its communication capabilities. It offers 1080p or 720p video previews from upto 6 miles away. 

OcuSync technology further sets it apart from the original Mavic Mini, which relies on Wi-Fi technology as the default connection, making it susceptible to interruptions once the aircraft gets too far away.


4. A sub-250 grams drone 


The Mini 2's maximum take-off weight is exactly 249 grams, relieving you of the burden of registering it with the (Federal Aviation Administration) FAA.

*Note: if you use the Mini 2 for commercial purposes, you still must obtain your Part 107 license.


5. Advanced camera capabilities


Its 3-axis gimbal stabilizes video and image quality allowing the cameras to effectively deliver an impressive 4K video resolution alongside a 12MP camera that offers quality JPEG and raw still images. 

The Mini 2 incorporates digital zoom capabilities:

2x - for 4K and photo mode.

4x - for 1080p.


6. An improved smart controller design


As expected, the controller app in use is the DJI Fly App with an updated smart controller that facilitates the quicker transfer of data from the mini UAV to your desired device. The OcuSync significantly improves the reception as the aircraft flies further away.

The Mini 2's smart controller also has an extremely easy-to-use interface, and it won't require a recharge until after about 6 hours of running your operations. 


7. Level 5 wind resistance capabilities


The wind is a huge barrier that bears its brunt against experienced and amateur pilots, particularly when navigating mini quadcopters like the Mini 2.  

DJI's Mavic Mini 2 has more robust motors than its predecessor. These enhanced motors are instrumental as they aggressively enable the UAV to navigate windy conditions. 


8. A variety of QuickShots and intelligent modes 


The Mini 2 has five QuickShot modes that enable you to shoot videos and photos like a pro. They include Boomerang, Dronie, Helix, Rocket, and Circle.

Other intelligent flight modes are Normal, Sports, and Cine mode, alongside a precise GPS that facilitates the return to home feature.


9. A range of panoramic modes


The mini UAV's three panoramic shots allow you to take a sphere (360°), 180°, wide-angled photos, and videos.


10. Manual exposure control


Full manual exposure control in photo and video mode allows you to change ISO and shutter speeds to your desired range.

The Mini 2 is the perfect entry-level drone for indoor and outdoor use cases. So can you get away with using the Mini 2 as a professional drone?

We discuss this in the next section. 




DJI Mini 2: A Multipurpose Indoor and Outdoor Drone


Generally, the shipment, manufacture, and purchase of consumer drones have seen tremendous growth over the years, and projections from experts predict a further increase in the next five years. 

Many factors, including the easier accessibility of off-the-shelf UAVs, have contributed to this positive upsurge of drone usage in different sectors, especially law enforcement. 

The positive impact of sub-250g drones (such as the Mini 2) in law enforcement often gets overlooked, but there's more to it than meets the eye. 

Aerial surveillance doesn't have to be a widely expensive affair. So, starting with the Mini 2 is a reasonably inexpensive way to use drone technology if you're from a public safety agency with a limited budget.


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The Mini 2 has impressive tech built-in and consequentially has features to facilitate the following operations:


Interior surveillance


The Mini 2 is primarily an outdoor drone, but its maneuverable model makes it ideal for daylight indoor SWAT operations. 

If you intend to fly it through dark spaces, then introducing an ambient light (three light sets) is paramount for an incident-free flight experience through poorly lit areas. 

Well-lit indoor areas not only illuminate light to its vision cameras but also enables you to see what's happening on the ground through your controller.

Despite lacking obstacle avoidance sensors, its compact design almost makes up for it by allowing it to squeeze through and smoothly evade indoor obstacles and spaces.

Dos and don'ts of indoor operations using the Mini 2:

Avoid flying in dark areas.

Do not fly without propeller guards in indoor spaces.

If possible, ensure you properly survey the indoor area before initiating your flight.

Ensure you're conversant with manual take-off and landing processes (disable automated flight take-off and landing to prevent the aircraft from crashing due to flying too high above).

Disable the return to home feature and instead set it to hover around to enhance your aircraft's durability.


Crime surveillance


The Mini 2 is also a good drone beginner-friendly drone for your crime surveillance operations. It has a much smaller footprint alongside an improved propeller design, enabling it to sneak in on criminals or suspects without them noticing. 

Therefore, besides safeguarding the public and the team, it also provides you and your team with an extra set of eyes for situational awareness, which is vital for better decision-making.


Fire fighting operations 


First responders in the fire department are also not left behind as the mini UAV's zero set-up time is convenient for emergencies that are the order of the day in their line of work. 

The Mini 2 is quickly deployable to assess the damage and identify the location of stranded victims, which is pretty valuable real-time information.


Accident reconstruction


The mini UAV is ideal for lightweight operations while assessing the cause, extent of damage, and more during a traffic collision.


Aerial event photo and video imagery


Its QuickShot and panoramic shot modes make it suitable for the device to be used for event management operations. The Mini 2 can generate high-resolution videos and photos during and after events as a reference point.


Photogrammetry and 3D modeling


Besides law enforcement operations, the Mini 2 can efficiently facilitate the practice of photogrammetry and 3-D modeling before investing in bigger drones.

It can also help you obtain general 3D information and not in-depth information since it lacks an RTK module. However, you can solve this by using GCPs to achieve higher accuracy levels.

The mini UAV is quite underrated during such operations. It could be suitable when dealing with a minimal workload, as it all boils down to how well you can fly and process the data received.

Remember, as we mentioned earlier, you'll need a Part 107 to fly this aircraft if you're flying for commercial purposes.


Should You Buy A Mini 2 in 2022?


DJI's Mini 2 might be the perfect solution for you as a consumer drone pilot for your recreational and professional needs. 

At Advexure, we have implemented systems to enable public safety agencies to get acquainted with their desired UAVs before making a final purchase. 

Advexure has made this possible through a demo program, but it only gets better as you get to test them out and lease them for a short duration to establish whether your chosen UAV suits your department’s use cases.

The Mini 2 is much more than a trainer drone as it gives you a clear perspective of how onboarding drone technology into your business could ramp up production levels and any other of your agency’s needs. The Mini 2 is available at a reasonable price of $449

It’s available in two differently priced packages, namely the basic kit and the fly more combo. The latter comes with a storage bag, extra batteries, spare propellers, and screws, among other essentials.

Connect with us to get your risk-free quote, or just open the chat box to get advice on the most suitable drones for your program from our UAS experts.