Which DJI Enterprise Drone is Right For You

Have you been eyeing the DJI M300 RTK, Matrice 30T (M30T), or the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, but you're still undecided on your pick?

New drone releases always do one thing really well: make you second guess your decision.

If you're an enterprise drone pilot, you likely started doing that the moment DJI unveiled the Matrice 30 Series back in March. That's completely normal, and it's really important because the investment you make shapes your entire UAS program.

Whether you're onboarding drones into your business model to enhance productivity, safety, and efficiency, among other factors, or, you have a program in place and you want to add a new UAS to your existing fleet, you've got an important choice to make. 

In this article, we'll break down each option to help you decide which provides the best fit for your needs.

DJI Enterprise Drone - DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced


The Compact DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced


Let's start with the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced (M2EA).

Released in Q1 of 2021, this drone is perfectly packed with just enough impressive features to get you by with a maximum take-off weight of only 2.4 lbs. 

Its notable features include: a high-resolution radiometric thermal camera and a 48-megapixel half-inch CMOS sensor. Additionally, Its zoom lens has 32x digital zoom capability and a 4k video resolution.

Its maximum flight duration is 31 minutes, while it withstands winds of up to 24.4 mph. Also, it accommodates modular accessories such as RTK, beacons, a spotlight, and a DJI controller.

And, its password-protection feature safeguard’s all your gathered sensitive data, even if the device is physically compromised. That's mightily important, as the M2EA comes with 24GB of onboard data storage.

All the above-described features pave the way for its use in several industries, including;

Firefighting - search and rescue missions become easier and more efficient using the M2EA.

Construction- generally facilitates roofing and building inspection by fetching a quick visual of your roofing material, gutters, and chimney stacks.

Law enforcement - provides first responders -- in this case, police officers -- with situational awareness. That's a vital component of effective law enforcement surveillance operations.

Obtaining accurate information contributes to effective decision-making processes. That creates a butterfly effect which ensures the protection of your team and the public.

Telecommunication - the M2EA also comes through for telecom engineers seeking to safely conduct thorough maintenance checks on cell towers.

But, the best feature might be its price tag. At $6,500, it's an affordable way to break into the UAV space. 

Is it the best option for you? Could be, but let's keep going before you decide.


 DJI M30t - DJI Enterprise Drone


The Time Efficient DJI Matrice 30T


Of the options in M30 series, the DJI M30T is the most versatile, equipped with thermal capabilities and other distinguishing features.

Because it's weatherproof, it’s the perfect go-to if you require a reliable option in unpredictable weather.

Its specifications are almost similar to the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. But, the M30T differs substantially in setup time, body design, price range, and camera abilities.

The M30T setup time is quicker than both the M300 RTK and the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. It also has fixed payloads, making it easily movable from one location to another due to its foldable nature.

It has an impressive 16x optical zoom, which stretches to 200x max hybrid zoom, with a wide-angle camera and laser rangefinder. Additionally, that rangefinder accurately detects the coordinates of objects up to 3900 feet away.

Its enhanced sensors carry a 24mm wide-angle lens, a 48-megapixel half-inch CMOS sensor, and a high-resolution thermal imager. The 640 x 512 thermal imager also features a split side-by-side view of both the visual and thermal image.

DJI Matrice 30T requires two batteries per flight, with each battery being held in by a release clip. Release clips make hot-swapping of batteries on this device very convenient. Maximum flight time stands at 41 minutes, and its flight interface uses the DJI pilot.

Its resilience in harsh weather will be of great value to your visual inspection needs, but even more so in industries such as:

Firefighting - its active smart track is barely affected by obstructions such as trees and buildings. Thus, providing firefighters with situational awareness to facilitate rapid and effective decision-making.

Agriculture - the M30T redefines modern farming, surveying and inspecting your crops for signs of pest damage, nutrient deficiencies, or irrigation needs.

Energy¬†- solar energy providers and electrical energy distributors all require constant outdoor inspections to maintain proper operations. The M30T is perfect for gathering both incredible visual details, as well as using its thermal imaging to detect dangerous ‚Äėhot spots‚Äô.

Telecommunication - integrating the DJI Matrice 30T for visual inspection has enhanced operations for telecom engineers, significantly reducing occupational risks.

Construction - construction managers and civil engineers can efficiently conduct roofing, bridge, and highway inspections.

Minimize repetitive work to maximize productivity by purchasing this well-engineered UAV, priced at $13,999.

So, is it right for you? Let's look at the last option before you answer that.


DJI Matrice 300 RTK - DJI Enterprise Drone


The Highly Intelligent DJI Matrice 300 RTK with Zenmuse H20T


DJI Matrice 300 RTK (M300 RTK), released in early 2020, is jam-packed with advanced technology features. And, it accommodates up to three payloads simultaneously, with a max. payload of 6 lbs.

This highly intelligent machine, coupled with the versatile Zenmuse H20T, makes for one of the most advanced enterprise UAVs available.


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However, compared to the M30T and M2EA, it takes the most time to set up.

That said, its camera options are fantastic. For instance, the Zenmuse H20T has four sensors with state-of-the-art features for quality imagery and video production.

DJI‚Äôs hybrid sensor consists of a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens with a 1/2‚ÄĚ CMOS sensor and a laser rangefinder with the ability to detect coordinates of an area of interest that is 3900 feet away. It also includes a 20-megapixel lens with 23x optical zoom capability and a 640 x 512 thermal imager.

H20T uses active track to follow a target’s movements. Its low-light capabilities enhance night vision. Additionally, the M300 uses a highly proficient differential GPS, known as Real-Time Kinetic (RTK), which provides flight navigation, obstacle data, and geotag data for captured images during flight.

And, as the biggest differentiator between the M300 and the other options mentioned, you can interchange payloads. The M2EA and M300T remain static in terms of their sensor, while the M300 can hold multiple sensors...and they're all swappable.

It also produces the longest flight time of the three drones -- 55 minutes -- and it uses DJI Pilot 2 as the flight interface.

Industrial applications for the highly durable M300 RTK include: 

Law enforcement - significantly increases productivity by visually inspecting crime scenes for lingering evidence.

Firefighting - increases the chances of a successful search and rescue mission due to a fire disaster while simultaneously reducing occupational risks for firefighters.

Energy - solar energy providers may use this powerful machine to read barcodes from solar panels. The M300 is efficient for wind turbine and power line inspections.

Construction - its use helps you visually inspect and identify flaws on an infrastructure project that needs repairs or is undergoing construction.

Aerial surveying - geospatial and geomatics engineers greatly enjoy the incredible technology built in the M300 that improves surveying and geo-mapping efficiency at minimized costs.

Telecommunication - telecom engineers greatly benefit from its features during cell tower inspections.

Oil and gas - its use considerably reduces occupational risks. Downtime is also significantly minimized during the construction of oil refineries, production, and pipeline integrity checks. 

Agriculture - small and large-scale farmers who integrate it into their farming model may have abundant yields.

The biggest benefit of the DJI M300 RTK however, is its wealth of versatility, due to its add-ons and extended features.

However, the H20T package retails at $24,408. Needless to say, you get more but you also invest more to do so.


DJI Enterprise Drone Comparison Chart



Best DJI Enterprise Drone for Your Visual Inspection Needs


So, can you go wrong with any of these choices?

Probably not. But, there's always a "best fit" for your purposes.

Do you need a portable drone that's ready to go at any point? Then you'll want the M2EA. How about portability and power while performing in adverse weather conditions? The M30T provides that solution.

Or, do you need a powerful drone that's capable of performing any task, and that has the option to switch out payloads? The M300 does just that.

Remember always to consider your needs, allocated budget, workflow, work complexity, and urgency. However, your tastes and preferences may also be factors, if your budget is flexible.

If you're still not sure which way to go, we're here to help.

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With Advexure, it's not just about getting you the drone - it's about finding you the best solution possible. Whether you need training, support, or you just want to try a platform out, we've got you covered.

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