Addressing the Critical Firmware Issue Affecting LP12 & DJI Matrice 30 Users


Many of our customers using the CZI LP12 Spotlight & Speaker with their DJI Matrice 30 drones are encountering a critical error. This issue stems from the latest firmware update by DJI, which has inadvertently corrupted the firmware on the LP12, rendering the unit non-functional. We hope this article will help shed some light on addressing this critical error. 

Identifying Your Situation

For Those With Non-Functioning Units:

If your LP12 (purchased from Advexure) no longer connects to the RC Plus and has stopped functioning following the DJI M30 firmware update, please contact us at so we can help facilitate the process of shipping your unit to CZI repair. Unfortunately, at this time, the only resolution is to ship your affected unit to CZI’s technicians in China for repairs. 

For Those Who Haven’t Yet Encountered this Issue:

If your LP12 unit is still operational, it's crucial to prevent the issue by updating its firmware to the latest version provided by CZI. This preemptive step can save you from potential downtime and the headache of sending your unit in for repairs.

Step-by-Step Firmware Update Guide

Firstly, Check the Firmware Version for your LP12:

  1. Ensure your drone has over 50% battery.
  2. Log into your DJI PIlot 2 app.
  3. Enter the video transmission interface of DJI PIlot 2
  4. Look for the PSDK icon at the bottom of the interface
  5. Click on the PSDK icon to open an expanded menu
  6. Click on the Control Icon at the top-right corner of the PSDK expanded menu to open a floating window displaying the firmware version of the LP12.
  7. Confirm that the firmware version of your LP12 is the latest version: LP12_firmware_V03.06.00.20.
  8. If your firmware is up to date, congratulations. You’re all set!
  9.  If your firmware version is a lower number or outdated, you’ll need to follow the steps below to update your LP12 firmware. 


Steps for Updating your LP12’s Firmware:

  1. Connect the LP12 to your computer using a micro USB to USB cable.
  2. Your computer will recognize the USB as a new drive. Once recognized as a drive, open it on your computer.
  3. Delete the existing firmware from the root folder of the LP12 USB drive.
  4. Download the latest firmware version (LP12_firmware_V03.06.00.20) from CZI's website.
  5. Copy and paste the new firmware file to the LP12 USB drive’s root folder.
  6. Safely eject then disconnect the LP12 from your computer.
  7. Attach the LP12 to your M30 drone via the e-port.
  8. Turn on your drone and wait approximately 3 minutes for the update to complete.
  9. The LP12 will reboot twice during the update. DO NOT turn off the power during this process.
  10. Your LP12 is now updated to the latest firmware. 

If your Unit is Already Affected

Again, for those facing a non-functional LP12 post-update, please reach out to our support team at We will assist in facilitating the shipment of your unit to CZI for repairs.We understand the inconvenience this may cause and will do our best to make this process as smooth and painless as possible.


We apologize for any inconvenience or downtime caused by this CZI firmware issue. We understand and are frustrated alongside our customers. We greatly appreciate your patience as we navigate this challenge together. For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to us.