Blu-Link Public Safety Drone Video Streaming

Since 2018, the Advexure team has been partnered with Blue Line Drones, a team made up of active law enforcement and public safety individuals who have worked in partnership with Advexure to assist our agencies in UAS program training and consulting.

Through the Blue Line team's many years of experience in law enforcement, deploying on hundreds of LE UAS missions, the team saw the demand for an easy-to-use, cop-proof live streaming solution for their drone systems. Out of this need came Blu-Link – an all-in-one drone streaming solution to cast live HD video in real-time over a secure Internet connection. Blu-Link provides first responders and incident command instant situation awareness and scene assessment during drone operations.

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The live feed from Blu-Link can be viewed on any internet capable device such as as cell phones, tablets, laptops, PCs or monitors. As your drone operations expand, you will quickly see how critical it is to have live UAS video streaming to your command staff, emergency operation center or any decision maker wherever they may be. As of 2020, Blu-Link is used across dozens of public safety agencies including law enforcement, fire/EMS, search and rescue, and hazmat.

Drone Agnostic Streaming via HDMI

Blu-Link can stream from any drone platform with HDMI out. No need for mirror apps, running apps in the background, or trying to mirror from a tablet running your drone's app control. Simply connect your drone or ground control station via HDMI to the Blu-Link to stream.

What's the Blu-Link made up of?

Housed in a hard case, Blu-Link contains a built-in monitor that allows you to see what the live video is that is being pushed out of the box to a live stream over internet or wi-fi. The box contains an internal antenna to run the cellular modem contained inside, an on/off power switch, charging ports which can either be a wall charger or 5V car charger.

Blu-Link Live Drone Video Streaming

The battery indicator shows currents battery status for Blu-Link's built-in battery which provides a run time of about 10 hours. To re-charge it takes about 6 hours to fully charge.

Blu-Link uses a static IP address and does not rely on any third party servers which ensures security or your steam without having to fledge out recurring server costs. No video is recorded by the Blu-Link itself, video can only be recorded to the drone's onboard memory or micro SD.

Local Streaming with No Internet/Cellular Needed

Operating in a remote error without the best cellular coverage for a search and rescue mission? No problem. Instead of using cellular you can use Blu-Link's built-in wi-fi to stream locally on location within about 100-500 feet (range depends on surroundings/environment) of Blu-Link. This application also works great for live streaming a SWAT or tactical operation on location if you just need to provide a live steam to partners on location. When using wi-fi to connect viewers you can have unlimited viewers, while you can also simultaneously be streaming over internet to viewers that may be tuning in remotely.

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One-Time Hardware Purchase

Aside from any on-going costs associated with a cellular data line, Blu-Link is one of the few solutions on the market that has no subscription, third party server, or streaming service required which makes it easy and incredibly cost-effective. Blu-Link is compatible with all major LTE carriers and supports network priority and pre-emption for first responders, including AT&T FirstNet and T-Mobile Wireless Priority Service.

Compact & Durable

Given that Blu-Link was made by cops who know very well that equipment gets beat up and battle tested, Blu-Link was designed with durability in mind, while still being compact to keep it an easy grab and go solution when deployed whether you're flying from the back of your squad car or connecting Blu-Link up to your drone command vehicle. The Pelican-style case measures 12.28" x 12.03" x 5.16" and the box weighs in at 2 pounds.

Looking to purchase Blu-Link?

Blu-Link is solely available through Advexure as BLD's sole distributor of the system. Please request a quote from our team by filling out the form below, or you can also purchase Blu-Link online here: Blu-Link Drone Video Streaming Solution

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