DJI Spark – The Smartest Mini-Drone on the Market
Say hello to the new DJI Spark – the smallest and perhaps, the smartest consumer drone DJI has brought to market to date. The launch of spark will likely usher in a new audience of drone hobbyists and serve as gateway product to other, larger consumer grade drones like the Mavic Pro or even the Phantom. Although, launching just a year after the release of the Mavic Pro, this tiny but formidable drone side-kick has some DJI enthusiasts scratching their heads. The new DJI Spark miniature drone flying in a white background The new DJI Spark miniature consumer drone. The spark is a compact, but powerful aerial mini-drone that packs a punch for its price and size. With the maximum range extending to a shocking 1.2 miles and up to 16 minutes of flight time, the Spark’s capabilities are far reaching for mini-drone technology. Priced at just $499, aspiring first time drone pilots and veteran DJI patrons are sure to get a whole lot of DJI drone-tech for a fraction of the price. With smart features, like facial recognition, controller-free gesture-based flight and camera control, the Spark is highly reactive and autonomous. With PalmControl, Spark users can land and take-off from their hand and even take photos simply by forming a rectangle with their fingers. A variety of other intuitive hand gestures can adjust the positioning and behavior of the drone, ensuring it’s in the user’s desired place and mode. The DJI Spark is capable of all this without shedding any of DJI’s innovative GPS technology, including signature features like obstacle avoidance and ActiveTrack. DJI Spark PalmControl teenage girl and boy use the DJI Spark hand gestures to take pictures of skateboarding. Yet, the introduction of the Spark into DJI’s now growing list of consumer grade drones has certainly created some tension among Mavic Pro users, begging a lot of curious questions as to why DJI would explore developing a smarter, more compact drone after hurdling through the technological milestone that was the Mavic Pro. In order to better understand this move, we will explore some of the differences between the Mavic Pro and the Spark in a later blog post.

DJI Spark Features

  • Highly Portable– Comparable to the size and weight of a soda can, the DJI Spark's extremely lightweight, small and compact body allow for it to be the perfect on-the-go drone.
  • Impressive Video & Photo– the DJI Spark's camera is capable of shooting 1080p full HD video and stunning, crystal clear 12MP photos
  • Efficient Air-Time– Flight time of approximately 16 minutes
  • Practical Speed– Top speed of about 31 mph (50 kph)
  • Signature DJI Camera & Gimbal Stability– Two axis stabilized gimbal for ultra smooth video
  • Long Range– Maximum transmission range/distance of about 1.2 miles (2 km)

DJI Spark Ordering and Availability

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