Where is the Best Place to Buy a DJI Drone?
You just saw that absolutely stunning aerial drone photo or video on the internet and you have decided that it is time to buy yourself a drone. Great decision, but beware– drones can be addicting! DJI, or otherwise Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., is currently the leading manufacturer of drone technology and their products are practically ubiquitous across both consumer and professional markets– everything from the recently released DJI Spark all the way up to the DJI Inspire 2 and Matrice series drones. And it's with good reason– anyone who's ever flown a DJI product can attest that DJI makes some of the best unmanned aerial technology on the market. So, you've decided that you want to buy a DJI drone? You've made it this far– but now the next step towards your drone purchase is figuring out where to buy a DJI drone. As one of the largest authorized DJI dealers in North America, Advexure is dedicated to making the buying process as easy for you as possible. There are many options out there when it comes to buying a drone. There are a few things you should look for as well as some areas to avoid. Drones are high value purchases and it is important that you purchase from a source that stands behind your purchase and will provide you customer service and support when you need it. Family Flying DJI Drone Together

How to Find the Best Place to Buy a DJI Drone?

While DJI drones can be purchased from DJI directly, DJI has purposefully installed a vast network of authorized re-sellers (or otherwise, Authorized Dealers) that are able to fill in the gaps that DJI leaves with pre and post sales customer support. As a goliath technology manufacturer, DJI customers often get trapped in a lackluster support experience, often leaving the consumer confused and frustrated from a spiral of unanswered questions and general unresponsiveness. Although, purchasing through an authorized DJI dealer has many benefits– and Advexure, specifically, has maintained a strong presence in the aerial community for it's high level of pre and post sales customer support. At times, drone technology can be complex and difficult to configure for optimal functionality. You should exercise caution when selecting your dealer to ensure you are purchasing from an experienced DJI Authorized Dealer; typically dealers that specialize in only aerial systems and film technology will be the most knowledgable and competent to serve your drone needs. Having an experienced dealer that you can pick up the phone and talk with, or maybe even live chat with, or simply email when you have problems can be an invaluable resource to have at your disposal. Always be sure to take the time to research the dealer that you are looking to buy a DJI drone from.

What to Look for When You Want to Buy a DJI Drone?

As DJI continually expands their product offering, and grows larger as a company overall, they have begun to sell their product through big box retails stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Apple. While these stores certainly have value to offer for the common consumer, they aren't exactly the best place to buy expensive, high involvement products like drones. To put it bluntly, do you really want to buy a DJI drone from the same store that you purchase your cat litter at? Do you have confidence in the ability of a teenage Walmart employee in the electronics section to be able explain specific features of the new DJI Mavic Pro Drone? What if your Phantom 4 Pro that you purchased from Best Buy three months ago has a problem... can you send it into Best Buy for repair or email, chat, or call Best Buy customer support to resolve the issue? No. We feel we can safely speculate that the answer is simply no, no, and no for all the above. And most often, if you do end up receiving some level of personalized support and they can't answer your questions– they will simply refer you to the DJI Customer Service Center. Once you are there you can expect to sit on hold for a while in a phone queue and after a few minutes of diagnosis they will likely ask for you to send your drone into the nearest Service Center to be inspected, which in some cases, can take months. The bottom line is you the best place to buy a DJI drone is from a reputable, experienced authorized dealer that will be there for individualized customer support in the event something goes wrong.

Buy a DJI Drone as an Informed Buyer

Whether you decide to buy a DJI drone at Advexure or not, we want to be sure you are an informed buyer. Take the necessary time to search for a reputable dealer, read customer reviews on Facebook and Google. Drone Owner Forums and Groups are also a great way to learn about experienced DJI dealers. PhantomPilots.com is a wonderful forum where experienced DJI Phantom drone pilots speak of experiences that will help you decide where the best place to buy a DJI drone is. In addition to PhantomPilots.com you can check out InspirePilots.com which is another drone forum for owners of the DJI Inspire drone as well as MavicPilots.com which is for DJI Mavic Pro owners. We wish you the best drone buying experience and hope we have helped you become an informed buyer to find the best place to buy a DJI drone.